Episode 37: Stand Out And Improve Engagement By Having A Real Conversation With Emily Taylor From Teeny Big

How do you stand out in a sea of communication?

On this week’s episode of Relish This, I had a fun conversation with Emily Taylor. She’s the Principal of Teeny Big, an organization that focuses on turning lackluster partners into passionate supporters.

Emily works a lot with the Audience Engagement Cycle—or what they call a Pathway—to connect with stakeholders and create deeper, more meaningful connections and stakeholder engagement.

Our conversation centered around escalating engagement. We discussed how to create intentional messaging to attract and connect with specific stakeholders. The goal, of course, is to get people to take that “next step” and ultimately, become life-long supporters.

The key is in relationship-building. To really forge a strong, lasting connection, ensure that you aren’t just blasting people with donation requests or constantly asking for volunteers to help. Get a feel for your audience and how engaged they are.

Testing a variety of content and scheduling regular check-ins with your stakeholders is important to creating consistent engagement.

This was a great episode, and I hope you enjoy it.


Think of audience engagement as a path rather than just an interaction point.