RTNP 59 | Organizational Growth

Episode 59: Manage And Fuel Your Organization’s Growth With Goodworld Co-founder Richie Kendall

My guest today is Richie Kendall, the co-founder of Goodworld, an AMAZING tech stack that helps organizations (both nonprofit and for-profit) manage and fuel their growth. Richie’s platform combines many great features in one platform, making it easier to coordinate your outreach for maximum effect. In my opinion, nonprofit organizations could especially benefit from using … Continued

RTNP 58 | Healthy Food

Episode 58: Sharing your Passion With A Wider Audience: PR and nonprofit outreach with Maya Brook From Slow Food Denver

  Are you crafting a conversation with all of your audiences? On this episode of Relish This, I talked with Maya Brook, the Executive Director of Slow Food Denver, an organization that helps educate people about their food sources and encourages them to seek out  food that is produced using sustainable practices and is available … Continued

RTNP 57 | Build Partnerships

Episode 57: How To Build Partnerships And Expand Your Mission With Mike Reichert From Wild Bear Nature Center

  On this week’s episode, I talked with Mike Reichert, the Director of Operations at Wild Bear Nature Center in Nederland, CO. Wild Bear Nature Center has an ambitious plan to educate people about nature by building a new facility down the street from where I live. (They’re currently running a big capital campaign to raise … Continued

RTNP 56 | Online Events

Episode 56: Remain Relevant By Running Online Events With Dave Jensen From Encompass Event Group

  Are you hosting an event this year? If not, you should consider doing so. (Within the bounds of safety, of course.) On this week’s episode I talked with Dave Jensen, the CEO of Encompass Events Group. Their company helps nonprofit organizations put on live hybrid and remote events. They offer support and production services … Continued

RTNP 55 | Hard Times

Episode 55: Keeping Your Foot On The Gas Even Through The Hard Times With Angela Forster From Tiny Studio

Are you keeping your foot on the gas? This week I talked with Angela Forster, the co-founder of Tiny Studio. Angela and her business partner, Nancy Rice, have a women-owned business that does lots of work in the nonprofit sector. Since both of us are in the design world, our conversation naturally touched on design … Continued

RTNP 54 | Running A Sweepstake

Episode 54: Running A Sweepstake To Engage Donors With Annie Tukman From TapKat

Have you ever thought about generating donations by hosting a sweepstake? (Yes, “sweepstakes” means more than one. ��� This week we are talking to Annie Tukman, the Sales Director at TapKat, a platform that runs online sweepstakes for nonprofit organizations. Sweepstakes are great for an organization because they help gamify the donation process. This can … Continued

Rhiannon Hendrickson - Relish This Podcast

Episode 53: Commit To Sharing Your Story And Why It Matters With Rhiannon Hendrickson From Orapin Marketing

Have you committed to getting your story out to your stakeholders?    In today’s episode of Relish This, we talk to Rhiannon Hendrickson, Founder and CEO of Orapin Marketing, a fantastic PR firm that does a LOT of work in the nonprofit sector.    Her firm focuses on helping nonprofits get their stories out to … Continued

Episode 52: Build Trusting Relationships With Core Donors To Get The Job Done Right With Greg Hodgin from Peacebuilding Solutions

  Are you cultivating trust with your core stakeholders? On this week’s episode we talk to Greg Hodgin, Founder and Executive Director of Peacebuilding Solutions. Peacebuilding Solutions builds success from a platform rooted in solid research. Their teams embed in areas affected by war and crisis, and spend time learning and understanding—not assuming—their stakeholders’ needs. … Continued

RTNP 51 | Diversity And Inclusion

Episode 51: Tackling Diversity and Inclusion In Your Nonprofit with Mitsu Iwasaki from The American Alpine Club

  On this week’s episode we talk to Mitsu Iwasaki, the Executive Director of the American Alpine Club. This organization spent more than 100 years promoting and celebrating mountain climbing and alpine adventure communities and their achievements. Mitsu and I share a passion for the outdoors—for climbing, skilling, and the thrill of reaching any pinnacle. So as … Continued

RTNP 50 | Marketing Communications

Episode 50: Creating Success At The Intersection Between Marketing And Communications With Ashley Desrosiers And John Russo From Seaside Sustainability

  If you’re a long-time listener, you may remember when we talked with Eric Magers, the Executive Director of Seaside Sustainability a few months ago. At the time we had a great discussion about Seaside’s unique perspective around stakeholder engagement to drive their mission. There was SO much good information in that episode, but we … Continued