Episode 34: Creating meaningful relationships with Elaine Brewer from the Humble Warrior

Good marketing is all about relationship-building, isn’t it?

On today’s episode, I had the opportunity to talk to Elaine Brewer, one of the founders of Humble Warrior Wellness Center, who reminded me that’s exactly what marketing is about.

The Wellness Center helps veterans and first responders with their mental and physical health, by offering resources, services, and classes.

Interestingly, Elaine’s organization just launched—so they’re addressing some daunting challenges. In a nutshell, they’re trying to raise money, navigate the pandemic, and build relationships and connections all at once. That’s been creating some real concerns about what to do first.

Our conversation focused primarily on creating strong connections with stakeholders and learning to lean on those authentic connections before you go for a big ask.

This led to a discussion about tactics—for example, how to find connections using Sales Navigator or break up projects into smaller bite-sized pieces. We also talked about ways to leverage different channels of communication and resources, like starting a podcast to get your message out there and build an enthusiastic and engaged audience.

Elaine is doing some important work. and we’re excited to follow her journey.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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