Episode 36: Creating Experiences To Drive Donor Engagement With Keegan Guizard From College Skateboards

How are you enriching your stakeholders’ experience?

On this week’s episode of Relish This, we talk to Keegan Guizard. Keegan is on the Board of the  College Skateboarding Educational Foundation, an organization that helps get skaters college scholarships.

You’d be forgiven for thinking there was no real-world application for pushing your boundaries in competitive and adventure sports. But when you look at what you can learn when you test the limits of your abilities, it’s easy to see how it’s not much different from the process of getting a degree, running an organization, or being an entrepreneur.

The biggest takeaway from our chat was the idea of pushing your organization’s limits and creating “experiences” that drive donor engagement—instead of just falling back on “things.”

What if you could set up a fundraising event (like in a TapKat sweepstakes, auction, etc.) where donors could win an “experience”—like a skateboarding session at a private park with a famous skater? You’d see a LOT more engagement than if you just raffled off a skateboard.

Want to really take this idea to the next level? Supercharge engagement and donations by creating this opportunity as something designed for the donors’ kids. Then you’ll have a real winning auction item.

I hope you enjoy this episode.



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Take some time to check out people skateboarding to really appreciate and understand what is going on while someone is trying to get good at the sport.