Episode 31: Want To Share Your Mission? Just Ask Your Stakeholders With Dave Elmore From Paradox Sports

Are you missing opportunities to build relationships with your stakeholders?

On today’s episode, I spoke with Dave Elmore, the Executive Director of Paradox Sports.

Paradox exists to increase climbing access for those with disabilities, expanding access to adaptive climbing programs and national climbing trips nationwide.

Paradox already does a great job with relationship-building and nurturing its stakeholders into the Inspire Phase of their Audience Engagement Cycle.

In the episode, we discussed the ways organizations can leverage their stakeholders’ empathy and encourage them to spread Paradox Sports’ mission to others. Here’s the short version: once you create an emotional connection, it becomes a no-brainer to ask your audience to help share your organization’s mission with their networks.

Dave and I also discussed an opportunity for which Paradox is particularly well-positioned: using a company called Tapkat to promote sweepstakes to their corporate partnerships’ mailing lists. Tapkat helps nonprofits drive revenue through sweepstakes—and those who can access partnership assets can see gains by using this service.

Check out this episode for some great insights. I hope you love it.


Help create diversity at your favorite climbing gym by asking them if they are accessible and open to adaptive athletes. If not, point them to Paradox Sports.