RTNP 33 | First Descents

Episode 33: Getting Creative With Ryan O’Donoghue From 1st Descents And Stoke Broker

  Today’s guest today is Ryan O’Donoghue, CEO of both the nonprofit First Descents and the for-profit company Stoke Broker. First Descents provides life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. Stoke Broker takes the wealth of expertise First Descents has developed over the past 20 years and applies … Continued

RTNP 32 Peter | Suffer Better

Episode 32: Creating Opportunities To Always Give A Little More With Peter Downing From Suffer Better

  Is there a way that you can give a little extra today? My guest on today’s episode is Peter Downing, the Founder of Suffer Better. Suffer Better inspires athletes to give their all (plus a bit more through charitable contributions and volunteer time). On the call we discussed a simple idea that can pay … Continued

RTNP 31 | Paradox Sports

Episode 31: Want To Share Your Mission? Just Ask Your Stakeholders With Dave Elmore From Paradox Sports

  Are you missing opportunities to build relationships with your stakeholders? On today’s episode, I spoke with Dave Elmore, the Executive Director of Paradox Sports. Paradox exists to increase climbing access for those with disabilities, expanding access to adaptive climbing programs and national climbing trips nationwide. Paradox already does a great job with relationship-building and … Continued

Stu Swineford - RelishThis Podcast

Episode 30: Mission Uncomfortable: The New Book By Relish Studio

  This week on a special episode of Relish This, Relish Studio’s marketing expert, James Lopez, takes the reins to chat with Stu about his new book! Mission Uncomfortable: How Nonprofits Can Embrace Purpose-Driven Marketing to Survive and Thrive has been in the works for a while— And Stu is beyond proud that it’s finally … Continued

RTNP 29 | Collective Knowledge

Episode 29: Leverage and Utilize Your Team’s Collective Knowledge For Better Connections and Growth with Danielle Graczyk of Canine Inspired Change

  I find myself falling into the “easy” trap all the time. If I can do something easily, the thinking goes, it couldn’t possibly be worth anything, right? But what seems simple to me may actually be incredibly valuable to someone else who hasn’t been steeped in marketing for the past 30 years.  On today’s … Continued

RTNP 28 David | Building Trusting Relationships

Episode 28: Building Trusting Relationships With David Facunle Of Womb Work Productions

  At Relish Studio, we like to think of marketing as a relationship-building activity. And when you’re building a relationship, there’s no better way to slam the breaks on creating a bond than to ask too much too soon. Today’s guest is David Fakunle, the Executive Director of Womb Work Productions.  His organization is doing … Continued

RTNP 27 | Nonprofit Challenges

Episode 27: Overcoming Your Nonprofit’s Legal Hurdles With Christian LeFer From Instant NonProfit

  As you surely know, starting a nonprofit can be challenging. Nonprofit leaders usually find themselves with way too much to do—and too little time and expertise to tackle every detail. That would be frustrating at the best of times, but even more so when you just want to get your organization up and running … Continued

RTNP 26 | Leveraging And Repurposing

Episode 26: Leveraging And Repurposing To Get The Most Out Of Your Assets. A Conversation With Francie Saunders Of Ubiquitous Empowerment

  Are you getting everything you can out of the materials you produce? On today’s show, I had a fun conversation with Francie Saunders, one of the founders of Ubiquitous Empowerment. They’re an up-and-coming organization focused on helping under-served youth communities live happier, healthier lives through increased access to sexual health education and services. The … Continued

RTNP 25 | 1% For The Planet

Episode 25: Get Your Story Out There With Kate Williams From 1% For the Planet

  On this week’s episode, I’m proud to talk to one of my favorite people—Kate Williams, Executive Director of 1% for the Planet. 1% for the Planet, if you’re not familiar with the organization, calls itself “a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through memberships and everyday actions.” Their mantra—”everyone has … Continued

Taylor Masamitsu - Creating for Justice

Episode 24: What does “value” mean with Taylor Masamitsu from Creating for Justice

Early in my freelance career (way before founding Relish Studio) I had the opportunity to cover for a friend going on an extended vacation. After meeting with the client and agreeing we were a good match, I came up with a rate that I thought would win the gig. They quickly agreed—and nearly immediately said, … Continued