Katherine Baxter - ANAW

Episode 17: Creating Awareness And Facilitating Change With Katherine Baxter from ANAW and American Canary

Katherine is doing some REALLY hard work with her African animal charity and has a second one we talked about as well that is all about media awareness. We talked a bit about how to make things actionable instead of just a lot of talk. We discussed ways to reach potential audiences through retargeting (vegans, … Continued

Rudy Miick - Integrate Values With Your Purpose To Cultivate More Success with Rudy Miick From Rudy Miick Consulting Group

Episode 16: Integrate Values With Your Purpose To Cultivate More Success with Rudy Miick From Rudy Miick Consulting Group

How are you cultivating and nurturing your non-profit’s ecosystem? In this week’s episode, I talk to Rudy Miick from Rudy Miick Consulting Group and we had a great flowing conversation about how non-profits need to be run like businesses. We delve into the importance of building out your vision, mission, and purpose and discuss how … Continued

Maggie Grout - Thinking Huts

Episode 15: Utilizing Your Assets To Find Your Donors With Maggie Grout From Thinking Huts

Where are your donors online? My guest today is Maggie Grout, Founder and Executive Director of Thinking Huts. Her organization’s mission is to increase global access to education through 3D printing and they are working to build the world’s first 3D-printed schoolhouse in Madagascar. Maggie is just getting started with fundraising and building awareness for … Continued

Jessica Bachus - The Kenzie Project

Episode 14: Stretching Your Donation To Make It Go Further with Jessica Bachus and the Kenzie Project

How do you make a donation go further? In today’s episode, I talk to Jessica Bachus about her organization, Kenzi’s Causes. We have a great chat about all the things they do to help get presents to kids. She does amazing work all over Colorado and excels at getting in contact with communities who need their … Continued

Tamara Ryan - The Women's Bean Project

Episode 13: Activating Profit Centers with Tamra Ryan from the Women’s Bean Project

Does your nonprofit have a profit center? It’s great when you can drive toward your budget goals through donations, grants, and other “standard” nonprofit means of creating revenue. But are you missing an opportunity to deliver even more to your beneficiaries by not creating a way to charge for what you do? Today’s guest is … Continued

Rob Smariga - BSCS

Episode 12: Rethinking the Value Exchange to Create Relationships Through Marketing – Rob Smariga from BSCS Science Learning

With a 60 plus year track record of delivering some REAL value to science teachers nation-wide, I was a little nervous about how I was going to bring any juice to the table during this conversation. This week, I spoke with Rob Smariga, Director of Operations and Finance, and BSCS Science Learning. These guys have … Continued

Howie Hutchinson - Hope Kids

Episode 11: Creating Opportunities for Everyone to Help – Howie Hutchinson from Hope Kids

Keeping your constituents engaged is a challenge in any environment. In today’s episode of Relish This, I spoke with Howie Hutchinson about how his organization, Hope Kids, has continued to facilitate events for families with kids suffering from potentially life-threatening illnesses and keep these important support mechanisms active. One of the biggest takeaways from this episode … Continued

Eileen O'Rourke - GoFarm Colorado

Episode 10: Rethinking Donations and Flowing with Trends – Eileen O’Rourke from GoFarm Colorado

On this episode of Relish This, I had a great conversation with Eileen O’Rourke, the Executive Director of GoFarm Colorado. One of the biggest takeaways from this episode is how to rethink your relationship with donors, particularly in a year when trends have changed. Eileen has seen a drop off in their “big” donor commitments … Continued


Episode 9: Understanding Your Stakeholders with the PHAA

Amazing, multi-guest show with Addie, Lynn, and Wesley from the Pre-Health Achievement Association. This crew is doing some really cool things to help underrepresented minorities pursuing careers in the medical field get paired with mentors to help guide them through the pitfalls in the industry. We chatted about a whole host of opportunities and challenges … Continued

Ford Church - Cottonwood Institute

Episode 8: Caring Starts with Connections – Ford Church from the Cottonwood Institute

Today’s guest on Relish This is Ford Church, the Executive Director at the Cottonwood Institute. Ford and his team do some really great work inspiring kids to explore and connect with nature. Their philosophy is that it’s a lot easier to get kids to care about the environment if they have a connection with it. … Continued