Episode 15: Utilizing Your Assets To Find Your Donors With Maggie Grout From Thinking Huts

Where are your donors online? My guest today is Maggie Grout, Founder and Executive Director of Thinking Huts.

Her organization’s mission is to increase global access to education through 3D printing and they are working to build the world’s first 3D-printed schoolhouse in Madagascar.

Maggie is just getting started with fundraising and building awareness for her organization and has created a solid following on social media.

We discussed ways to get a strong understanding of her assets so she can make more informed decisions about where to engage and what levers to pull as well as how to hyperfocus messaging to make sure there are clarity and specificity in her correspondence.

This was a super fun conversation… here we go!


Thinking Huts


Visit the site and learn how new technologies are helping this organization’s mission.