Episode 20: Celebrating Success And Leveraging That Success To Grow with Drew Robertson From Mattersville Vets

How are you celebrating your successes and wins?

On this week’s episode of Relish This, I talked with Drew Robertson, the Founder of Mattersville Vets.

They are an amazing organization that helps provide Veterans with sustainable housing and support to help them reacclimate to civilian life and thrive. Plus, they work with rescue wolves and have them become service animals to support veterans with PTSD.

We had a great conversation that went through a variety of topics. We discussed creating sustainable communities, targeting similarly minded individuals and organizations, and how to create partnerships to increase your stakeholders and supporters. We talked about defining your business pillars and using those broad points to help identify potential business partners.

Most importantly, though, we talked about success. Oftentimes as organizational leaders, we have the tendency to move the goalposts and change how we define success. But what we should be doing is celebrating every little win and acknowledging what we have accomplished so that we can continue to level up!

I hope that you enjoy this episode!


Suicide Crisis Hotline: 800-273-8255

FB: mattersville
IG: mattersvillevet

Ask: Celebrate a success you have recently had in your organization. Acknowledge the work it took to get there and how it set you up for future success.