Episode 17: Creating Awareness And Facilitating Change With Katherine Baxter from ANAW and American Canary

Katherine is doing some REALLY hard work with her African animal charity and has a second one we talked about as well that is all about media awareness.

We talked a bit about how to make things actionable instead of just a lot of talk.

We discussed ways to reach potential audiences through retargeting (vegans, for example)

Noticing is the first step to behavior change. Just creating space where you can realize you are doing x, notice and acknowledge you are doing that, then make adjustments.

An idea I had for her was to create a “social media” or “news media” meditation series and get that on Calm or Headspace

We also talked about DuoLingo’s “15 minutes of Duolingo can help you learn a new language. What can 15 minutes of social media do?” as the behavior-transition that needs to be made.

African Network for Animal Welfare | Instagram
American Canary | Instagram

Think about the presence you bring to the work you do and find room for reflection, joy, friendship, and connection.