Special Episode: Donation System Optimization with Tim Kachuriak From Next After

Can you make your marketing more personable?

I am super excited about this very special episode of Relish This. I had a great conversation with Tim Kachuriak, Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer at Next After. Tim’s business revolves around collecting and sharing data-driven, science-based information around donor optimization. This episode is jam-packed with actionable ideas and some in-depth conversation on how to fine-tune your donation systems.

We discussed ways to structure your value proposition to overcome the unique challenge faced by nonprofits. People rarely wake up and think, “How can I give away some of my money today?” so where the for-profit world speaks in terms of funnels (put potential buyers into the top of the funnel and buyers naturally flow out the bottom), the nonprofit world has a number of uphill friction points to overcome to encourage people to engage.

The most important takeaway from this conversation is that “people give to people” so outreach to your stakeholders should be focused on building relationships and trust. When you are authentic in your ask and your message, more people are likely to engage and donate.

This is a super, info-packed episode. I hope you enjoy it.



Ask: Embrace the fact that no matter where you fit in your organization’s ecosystem, the work you are doing really matters!