Episode 18: Understanding the Stakeholder Lifecycle with Debra Fowler from History Unerased

Do you have an understanding of your stakeholder lifecycle?

On today’s episode of Relish This, I had a great conversation with Deb Fowler.

She is the Executive Director and co-Founder of History Unerased and has a  program that promotes LGBTQ inclusion in the classroom by helping educators with curricula and teaching strategies to talk about all the great things the LGBTQ community has contributed to society throughout the years.

In addition to discussing how to consider her stakeholders’ journey through the audience engagement cycle, we chatted about making sure you are swimming in the right pool by offering your services where your audience seeks information.

We also looked at some tools you can leverage to get on education-related podcasts, and, finally, we discussed how to get your foot in the door with stakeholders by simply helping provide solutions to the immediate challenges they are facing with your personal expertise, even if this expertise may fall outside your mission.

Helping solve an immediate problem could be the access point to helping mission-focused problems later.

I hope you enjoy the show!

Learn about History Unerased here:
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Head on over to the “how you can help” page (https://unerased.org/resource/how-you-can-help) and copy and paste the text from that page and send it to your local school leaders, PTAs, or any other educational resource that could find value in their mission.