Episode 12: Rethinking the Value Exchange to Create Relationships Through Marketing – Rob Smariga from BSCS Science Learning

With a 60 plus year track record of delivering some REAL value to science teachers nation-wide, I was a little nervous about how I was going to bring any juice to the table during this conversation.

This week, I spoke with Rob Smariga, Director of Operations and Finance, and BSCS Science Learning. These guys have a long track record of transforming science learning education through research-driven innovation. It turned out to be a REALLY great show where we discussed all sorts of interesting ways they have upped their game and expanded their reach through the somewhat forced move to virtual engagement with both their team and their stakeholders.

The big ah-ha came toward the end of our conversation when we started talking about value exchange and how one doesn’t have to come at the opportunity to assist and build a relationship head-on. Simply approaching outreach from a position of altruism where you can share your expertise that may be mission-tangential can produce real opportunities to engage. (This portion of our discussion begins at about 42:00).

We also talked quite a bit about simply creating brand awareness through offers to present at virtual conferences (again, not necessarily focused on selling, but more on helping) and how pay-per-click (PPC) advertising isn’t just about the clicks (starts about 36-minutes in).

I really hope you enjoy this show. It was a delightful conversation.

Show notes and links:
BSCS Science Learning

Action Ask:
Pay it forward. Help someone else be more successful in life. Lift someone else up.