Episode 14: Stretching Your Donation To Make It Go Further with Jessica Bachus and the Kenzie Project

How do you make a donation go further? In today’s episode, I talk to Jessica Bachus about her organization, Kenzi’s Causes.

We have a great chat about all the things they do to help get presents to kids. She does amazing work all over Colorado and excels at getting in contact with communities who need their services and the communities who can support their services, all while managing budgets and prioritizing services over spending money on marketing that isn’t effective for them.

We did a deep dive into how people like to give THINGS vs. money but how much farther a connected organization can make a monetary donation and extend it out to provide more support for more people.

I hope you enjoy this episode, there is a lot of good information here!



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Look at your situation and see where you are able to make a donation. Time, money, or gently used items. Just give.