Episode 19: Leveraging Your Purchasing Power to Influence Markets with Shiv Goel from Green Consumer Project

Have you ever thought deeply about how your purchases are impacting the environment?

If you haven’t, now is a great time to learn more about the products you consume and ways we can make better purchasing decisions that will positively influence consumer brands to help save the environment.

On this week’s episode of Relish This, I chatted with Shiv Goel, Co-Producer and Executive Director of Green Consumer Project, about how to use your purchasing power to help reduce carbon load and support organizations and businesses that are supporting the environment.

During our conversation, we discussed ways we can all influence consumer goods environmental policy to hold brands accountable for their environmental impact. Consumer purchasing power can fuel sustainability if we focus our shopping decisions and support brands that are good environmental stewards.

Enjoy the show!

Action Item:

Educate yourself about climate change and how you affect it and how it affects you