Episode 39: Develop Your Organization’s Culture To Further Your Mission With The Apollo Foundation

Culture is an important ingredient in every business—and it’s an area that sometimes gets overlooked in the nonprofit space. After all, nonprofits are steeped in the culture of philanthropy and altruism, right?

There’s more to creating a great culture than just assuming all of your stakeholders will be aligned because you give back.

Today’s show features a team of young go-getters from the Apollo Foundation. This group of high schoolers saw an opportunity to help bring education to those in need around the world. So they founded their organization to improve access to STEM curricula in under-developed and economically disadvantaged areas.

Our discussion covered a wide range of topics. Then we narrowed our focus later in the show to discuss ways to develop a culture for your organization, in order to ensure that your team is all driving toward the same mission.

Values, vision, and mission are key ingredients for every organization, and taking the time to discuss and develop these foundational elements can make or break your business.


Apollo Foundation – website

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  1. Just go for it!
  2. Check-in on people you care about.
  3. Go for your passions.
  4. Be the first to fix the problems you see.