Ep 100: Improve Your Effectiveness with Data with Matt Ranta of Nimble Gravity

The idea of testing can stir up anxiety for many people.

But what if testing was a fun, fruitful venture for your organization?

In fact, to get the most out of your marketing, you need to be testing, measuring, making adjustments, and repeating this cycle infinitum to ensure you aren’t missing opportunities and are taking your message and its presentation as far as possible.

What’s great is that it’s easier than ever to test elements of your marketing.

And that’s just one of the things today’s guest on Relish THIS does for his clients.

Matt Ranta, the Partner and Head of Practice at Nimble Gravity, is steeped in analytics and testing. He approaches every interaction from the framework of curiosity. This curiosity transforms the idea of testing from one of anxiety to an activity that becomes exciting and fun. As he is able to recognize gains for his clients, their reach and ability to do good in the world improves.

From vanity metrics to how to leverage data analytics to improve your performance to specific tools available for you to use to A/B test your messaging, this episode has it all!

Nimble Gravity

Go run a test or an experiment. Try an A/B test on your marketing or run a test on your website.

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