Episode 51: Tackling Diversity and Inclusion In Your Nonprofit with Mitsu Iwasaki from The American Alpine Club

On this week’s episode, we talk to Mitsu Iwasaki, the Executive Director of the American Alpine Club.

This organization spent more than 100 years promoting and celebrating mountain climbing and alpine adventure communities and their achievements.

Mitsu and I share a passion for the outdoors—for climbing, skilling, and the thrill of reaching any pinnacle. So as you might imagine I had a great time chatting with him about some of our favorite outdoor experiences.

We also explored the benefits of marketing in the nonprofit space and dove into developing content roadmaps and diversifying revenue streams.

Our conversation focused primarily on diversity and inclusion in the climbing community and how the American Alpine Club is tackling this issue—not only within their organization but in the climbing community at large. There is a long history of bigotry in climbing (which is, sadly, commingled with historical prejudice) and the AAC is meeting these challenges head-on in its efforts to help improve inclusion and diversity.

From mindset shifts to understanding your stakeholders’ perspectives on inclusion, we learned a lot about how to engage and communicate.

This is a great topic to explore for any nonprofit leader who’s interested in addressing some of the obstacles to creating an open community for everyone.

You’ll get a lot out of this episode. Enjoy!


Become a member of the American Alpine Club, local climbing organization, The Access Fund, or other organizations and get involved!