Episode 40: Keeping Your Stakeholders Engaged Year Round With Gillian Winterbourn from Together We Count

How can you keep your stakeholders engaged?

On today’s episode I speak with Gillian Winbourn, the Executive Director of Together We Count, a unique organization that creates and motivates coalitions to help with the Census every 10 years.

The cyclical nature of the Census means long periods of almost no interest from the public—punctuated relatively short bursts of interest and action. So Together We Count has some really interesting challenges around inspiring stakeholders and keeping them interested throughout the years.

These challenges present a really good opportunity to look at how organizations with similar, but far less extreme, periods of “downtime” can keep stakeholders engaged.

What’s your outreach plan? How can you keep your audience engaged when your organization may be taking a break?

There are some answers to be found in this episode. Hope you enjoy it.


Pay attention during the redistricting process and get active to voice your opinion to your Representatives. Keep a look out for the American Community Survey and be sure to fill it out if you receive it.