Episode 48: How to Run Your Organization Like a For-Profit with Sherry Manning from Global Seed Savers

Profits or revenue… What’s your organization’s focus?

If you can’t answer that question, perhaps you’ll enjoy this week’s episode of Relish This.

I had a great, all-encompassing conversation with Sherry Manning, the US Executive Director of Global Seed Savers. They are a really cool organization that helps farmers stockpile and diversify their seed stock to ensure farming can continue year after year.

Most of their work is based in the Philippines and Sherry manages their US branch – focused on engagement and building awareness of the great work that they do.

Here’s the point: Sherry and her team have laid a lot of groundwork to create a healthy foundation based on strong Values, Vision, and Mission. They also have a strong handle on the idea of relationship-first marketing and strengthening engagements by creating opportunities to have conversations.

Our discussion primarily focused on two main ideas:

  1. How organizations can further their missions by focusing on running their nonprofits like businesses – really keeping an eye on profits by consistently assessing costs and net revenues when looking at the actual success rates of their ventures.
  2. How to analyze data to build personas – target audiences – to focus your efforts and do more of what’s working.

If you’ve been running your own organization without a firm grasp of these concepts, you’re sure to like this episode.

Global Seed Savers

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