Episode 45: Learning How To Identify And Nurture your Ideal Audience With Julia Keller From Mindful Youth

In this week’s episode, I talk to Julia Keller, one of the founders of the Mindful Youth Institute.

They are teeing up a lot of great opportunities to address bullying behavior—and to help potential bullies find a different path.

Their organization is fairly new so we had a great conversation discussing every facet of the audience engagement cycle. In particular, we spoke about how their organization can tell their story, build their mailing list, and create engagement and support by Bonding with stakeholders.

This episode is jam-packed with information, including how to build personas, launch your first Google campaign, develop a strong social media strategy, and even foster new relationships with potential stakeholders.

Loved talking to Julia because it reminded me about the importance of relationship-building and leveraging personal connections, creating stories that resonate, and building conversational marketing to better engage new stakeholders when you are just getting started.

This was an information-rich episode, so I hope you enjoy it.

Instagram: drkellercoach
LinkedIn: Julia Keller
Website: mindfulyouthinstitute.org
GoFundMe campaign: Help Teach Bullies Compassion

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