Episode 29: Leverage and Utilize Your Team’s Collective Knowledge For Better Connections and Growth with Danielle Graczyk of Canine Inspired Change

I find myself falling into the “easy” trap all the time.

If I can do something easily, the thinking goes, it couldn’t possibly be worth anything, right?

But what seems simple to me may actually be incredibly valuable to someone else who hasn’t been steeped in marketing for the past 30 years.

On today’s show, my guest is Danielle Graczyk, the Founder of Canine Inspired Change. Her organization uses the healing power of dogs to help vulnerable youth create better connections with their communities.

Our conversation covers a wide range of topics and focuses on leveraging the CIC team’s collective expertise training dogs to create opportunities for mission expansion, donor engagement, and growth for the organization.

And we discover that what seems simple and intuitive for Danielle and her crew actually represents a font of valuable information they can share to create new revenue streams and build relationships for their nonprofit.

This show is packed with ideas for how to expand your organization’s reach. Check it out!


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