Episode 41: Finding Common Connections To Build Stronger Relationships With Tim Kugler from Gunnison Valley Trails Association

Fabulous episode today with Tim Kugler, the Executive Director of Gunnison Valley Trails Association.

This show made me think about relationships and how quickly they develop when you look for common ground. You see, Tim and I have quite a bit of overlap. I grew up in Gunnison, where Tim’s organization is based, and I’m as passionate about the outdoors as he is. I also get up to a lot of the same shenanigans as he does, and coincidentally I serve on the Board of the Nederland Area Trails Organization (nedtrails.org) that does some of the same work.

If you drew our lives as a Venn Diagram—one of those illustrations that use circles to show the relationships between things—you’d see a really robust intersection between Tim and me. That intersection between you and someone else, or between your organization and your members, is the “sweet spot” that drives a real opportunity for relationship-building.

Looking for these types of overlaps can contribute markedly to how you build trust and get people excited about your programs.

As you can imagine, Tim and I had a great conversation. Hope you enjoy the show.


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