Episode 53: Commit to sharing your story and why it matters with Rhiannon Hendrickson from Orapin Marketing

Have you committed to getting your story out to your stakeholders?

In today’s episode of Relish This, we talk to Rhiannon Hendrickson, Founder, and CEO of Orapin Marketing, a fantastic PR firm that does a LOT of work in the nonprofit sector.

Her firm focuses on helping nonprofits get their stories out to their stakeholders. Orapin’s approach focuses on first getting you to commit to your story, and then helping identify why people should care about what you are up to.

Our conversation reminded me that nonprofit leaders are experts in their fields. They understand the issues, and intuitively know what solutions are needed to solve problems. But they’re not always great at communicating this expertise.

Nonprofit leaders should feel empowered to use their voices and speak up. Not only will you be sharing your passion, but also you’ll be building trust with your donors—who will feel more willing to give when they feel their money will be used competently.

This episode is great for any nonprofit leader seeking to expand their mission and amplify their story.

Orapin Marketing – Inspired Impact

Focus on clarifying your story, What you do, why it matters, Why should they care. Answer the “So What” question.