Episode 11: Creating Opportunities for Everyone to Help – Howie Hutchinson from Hope Kids

Keeping your constituents engaged is a challenge in any environment.

In today’s episode of Relish This, I spoke with Howie Hutchinson about how his organization, Hope Kids, has continued to facilitate events for families with kids suffering from potentially life-threatening illnesses and keep these important support mechanisms active.

One of the biggest takeaways from this episode relates to the challenges nonprofits face in keeping stakeholders engaged even when they feel like they perhaps can’t be. Ultimately, people really like to feel like they are contributing to a greater good and many of us do this through our ability to support nonprofits financially.

But what happens when an economic downturn lessens our ability to serve through monetary contributions? Howie and I tap into some ideas on other ways to allow people to serve even when they can’t contribute financially. (Jump to 52:35 to hear this portion of our conversation).

Howie and his team do some really great work. I hope you enjoy the episode.

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Action Ask:
The next time you have the opportunity to interact with someone who might seem “different” take the time to treat them the same as you would anyone else.