Episode 5: Global Peace Through Music – Saam Golgoon from World Music Development

Saam and his team are on a mission to promote global peace through music.

Though their revenues are down this year, they have managed to keep things rolling through pivots to virtual events and getting a bit creative with outreach and fundraising efforts.

We talked through ways to get kids involved with music and tools that can be used to reach audiences at scale, pay-what-you-can options to allow people to assign the value they received for an event or activity, and even how to leverage gaming platforms to host live events.

It was a great conversation and I hope you enjoy the show.

Show notes and links:
World Music Development
Leftover Sermon

Action Ask:
Join World Music Development to help promote peace through music

Note: Both Saam and I were recording from remote, mountain locations so the audio on this episode is a little shaky at times.