Episode 24: What does “value” mean with Taylor Masamitsu from Creating for Justice

Early in my freelance career (way before founding Relish Studio) I had the opportunity to cover for a friend going on an extended vacation.

After meeting with the client and agreeing we were a good match, I came up with a rate that I thought would win the gig.

They quickly agreed—and nearly immediately said, “We would have paid a lot more than that.”

You see, we had two different ideas about the “value” of the work I was to provide. Same effort and outcome… different numbers.

I bring it up because my guest on today’s podcast discussed this concept with me.

Taylor Masamitsu is from Creating for Justice, a great organization that connects people who want new skills with volunteer experts who’ll teach them—all in the name of social justice.

It’s an interesting model that has a TON of potential as we see online learning and the social justice movement intersect.

Creating for Justice allows donors to tap into expertise at a very low rate—as low as $5 per month, in fact. Taylor and I discuss how to supercharge this giving potential so that more money flows back into the organization…And the solution may surprise you.

To find out the counterintuitive method of increasing cash flow for Creating for Justice, listen now to Episode 24 of Relish This.

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