Episode 46: Maintain Momentum, Build Your Audience, and Prevent Burnout Through Small Wins with Setsuko Hata Executive Director of We Are From The Earth

On this week’s episode, I had a great conversation with Setsuko Hata, the Executive Director of We Are From the Earth.

WAFTE is building a social media platform that helps people cultivate compassion and live a socially conscious lifestyle. Yes, you can connect with like-minded people there, but the platform is focused primarily on educational resources and content that encourages idea-sharing and community-building.

This is a really ambitious idea—but, admittedly, Setsuko is facing challenges around developing an app and platform with which people will interact.

A lot of our conversations focused on celebrating small wins to prevent burnout and keep yourself motivated on long-haul engagements. Anyone who is an entrepreneur working on big things can benefit from this conversation.

Setsuko and I also discuss how to identify your audience, how to craft content to encourage users to engage and get excited about joining a new social media platform. Then we look at creating MVPs for apps and using Invisionapp (a great prototyping tool) as a solution to provide “tactile” demos without having to invest in a full app design.

This is a great conversation; I hope you enjoy!


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