Episode 6: Expanding the Mission – Dan Smink from C1-Partners

Super fun conversation this week with my guest, Dan Smink from C1-Partners.

Dan is a kickass digital marketer who has a ton of experience both working on nonprofit Boards as well as providing assistance to Colorado nonprofits with their digital marketing activities.

We talked about ways nonprofits can diversify their revenue streams, rethinking  how we talk about fiscal success in the nonprofit space, and what one should consider a healthy marketing budget when in a growth mindset.

One really great part of our conversation centered around how to look at ways to escalate engagements with your audience to transition volunteers to donors, then on to corporate donors (which is where BIG donations start to happen).

I hope you enjoy this episode. I had a ton of fun recording it!

Show notes and links:
C1 Partners

Action Ask:
Pay it forward… especially to those who may not share the same opinion as you about things.