Episode 54: Running a sweepstake to engage donors with Annie Tukman from TapKat

Have you ever thought about generating donations by hosting a sweepstake? (Yes, “sweepstakes” means more than one. 😁)

This week we are talking to Annie Tukman, the Sales Director at Tapkat, a platform that runs online sweepstakes for nonprofit organizations.

Sweepstakes are great for an organization because they help gamify the donation process. This can make donating more enjoyable for your donors, increase donation amounts, help with list-building, and increase overall engagement with your stakeholders.

Our conversation was a comprehensive how-to for running successful sweepstakes—everything from how to acquire prizes to how to effectively engage your audience.

Take a listen, then reach out to Tapkat to set up your first sweepstake. Don’t forget to let us know how it goes!

Tapkat Solutions LLC

Go eat a delicious snack!
Go check out Tapkat and set up a sweepstake for your organization.