Special Episode: Get Control Of Your ROI To Improve Your Organization’s Performance With Tim Sarrantonio from NeonOne

My guest today is Tim Sarrantonio, Head of Partnerships and Business at NeonOne.

Tim is a veritable font of knowledge about the nonprofit space and NeonOne is a really amazing resource for nonprofits looking to supercharge their ability to reach, connect with, and engage their stakeholders. (Just like I wrote about in my book, Mission Uncomfortable, available at missionuncomfortablebook.com.)

We’re releasing this episode a bit early because there’s some great stuff included which I think can benefit every nonprofit. You’ll learn how to help track where your organization is investing its time, energy, and money, so you can ensure you’re getting a solid ROI on all your efforts.

Tim and I talked a lot about data and tech, but don’t let this scare you… Every nonprofit can benefit from using NeonOne to understand their numbers and figure out ways to improve performance.

This is an information-packed episode. Check it out!


Check out NeonOne. Perform a tech audit on your organization to see how much you are spending and what that’s getting for you. Engage with Giving Day – go there and find a new nonprofit you can support.