Episode 43: Leverage Your Most Powerful Asset, Your Mailing List, With Sarah Murray from Women’s Wilderness

Your email list is a powerful asset. But if you’re like many organizations, you’re not making the most of it. After all—what’s better than an engaged audience, all of whom have raised their hands to be part of your program?

Today’s guest is Sarah Murray, Executive Director of Women’s Wilderness. WW is an amazing organization that helps women and girls become their strongest, best selves by teaching and immersing them in the great outdoors.

Sarah and I talked a lot about the opportunities in their list, and how they could gain valuable insights from the people on it by sending surveys, testing messaging and program details, and even asking them to increase your reach by sharing your emails with others.

This was a really great episode. I hope you enjoy it!


Consider how interactions with the outdoors can inspire a shift in the injustices we see.