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Get creative with content distribution

I was riding bikes with a friend recently who has a coaching program. She’s SUPER talented and has a good (and growing) client and user base and is interested in reaching more people to help them become better bike riders so they can enjoy the sport even more. She has an event coming up in … Continued

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One Thing – Email Marketing Tip That Works

Here’s an email marketing tip we have been using these last few months that is really reaping results: Focus on ONE THING in your correspondence. In the past, we (like many people out there) created complex newsletters and “content-rich” correspondence for our audience. We fretted over the tone, mix of materials, how to work in … Continued

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Hashtags and LinkedIn: A How-to

In 2018, LinkedIn introduced the ability for users to leverage hashtags to better navigate and categorize the content. Since then it has become easier to search and find relevant and informative materials on the platform. However, without a proper understanding of hashtags and their use, your posts could wind up lost in a sea of … Continued

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Pro Tip: When to Pitch in a Webinar

Webinars are all the rage. And for good reason… when executed well, they can be a fantastic way to get your audience on board with the solutions you provide to help improve their lives and deliver valuable resources to set you up as a genuine thought leader. You may have created a couple of great … Continued


What Am I Supposed to Be Doing?

Several times a day, I find myself asking the question, “What am I supposed to be doing right now?” This stems from an approach to booking out my time in which my activities are thoughtful and pre-planned. No more wishy-washiness with my schedule. I have been trying to leverage this approach for a few months … Continued

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KPI Cadence: How often should performance be measured?

I was running with a friend recently and my GPS watch beeped, signaling we had completed another segment of our journey. “That wasn’t a mile, was it? Seems WAY too early for that.” “Nope,” I replied. “I have it yell at me every half-mile.” See, another good friend of mine (and vastly more talented runner … Continued

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Reframing Differentiation: An exercise to help build your brand

Creating a differentiation statement (or value proposition) for your business can be a real bear. Figuring out how to tell the story of your business and what makes it better, more attractive, or more beneficial than all the other people out there selling similar stories has kept many an entrepreneur up many a night. This … Continued


What’s Your Call To Action?: The Good, The Bad, The Absurd (And why those can really work)

All marketing materials are designed for one thing. To get your customers to take action. Whether that’s as simple as presenting a link on which to click or more complex like convincing someone to purchase an expensive product or service – your marketing won’t amount to anything unless your customers take the next step. The … Continued

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The Field of Dreams Fallacy

Remember The Field of Dreams? This 1989 fantasy movie featured an Iowa corn farmer who heard voices in his head telling him to construct a baseball stadium. He obliged and the players banned for cheating in the 1919 World Series showed up to play. It’s been a while since I have seen the film but … Continued

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The Value of Coaching

Ever have something sitting right in front of you but you can’t (or won’t bring yourself) to see it? And once you do see it, it’s such a “duh” moment you kick yourself for not being able to recognize it until now? I finally connected some dots recently and my epiphany was this: I perform … Continued

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