How to get great at business: Practice your ass off

Stu Swineford Skiing - Photo by Johnny Copp

Running a business is a lot like skiing. If you want to excel, you have to practice, practice, practice.

I used to telemark ski. A LOT. Eventually, I got pretty good at it. But it took a TON of dedication to get there.

I had the distinct privilege of skiing – several times per week – with some of the best tele-skiers on the planet.

Early on, they would teach me the fundamentals – providing me with a quiver full of arrows to pull out whenever things weren’t going well. Hand position drills, mindset exercises, foot position practices, the lunch tray drill, and on and on.

And what was cool is that when I’d really focus on one of these techniques for a chunk of time, it would soon become second nature. Then I’d move on to another tip, things would start to fall apart, and I’d go back to the previous foundational exercise to get things dialed back in.

And running a business is kind of the same.

You just have to sharpen your arrows, keep adding more to your quiver, and pull them out one at a time to keep things moving forward.

Focus. Add something new. Go back to basics. Repeat.

After doing this for 25+ years, I have accumulated a lot of arrows. And sometimes I just have to get back to the most basic techniques to keep everything going the right direction.

Keep your tips up.