Man running on track

Check Your Habits to Live Your Best Life

What habits are getting in the way of your pathway to success? I certainly have my list: Too much screen time, postponing launch to achieve some unreachable “perfection”, thinking I can actually effectively multi-task. E. T. C. This article popped up recently that featured many of the items listed above (and a few more that … Continued

Numbers, planning, and a laptop

Manage the Numbers

There are always opportunities to look at the numbers or take the temperature of what’s going on and get really down. Why aren’t things going the other direction? Why don’t more people care about this? Why does this number make me feel so crappy? I get it. Sometimes things don’t seem to be moving the … Continued

Building a cairn out of rocks

Treat Yo Self – Create opportunities for small wins

I’ve started to give myself little pats on the back throughout the day. This started as an exercise recommended by my buddy, Aaron Wrixon (who is an amazing and talented writer so if you are looking for help getting your message dialed in, give him a shout). He starts every day by writing down 3-5 … Continued

Stu Swineford Skiing - Photo by Johnny Copp

How to get great at business: Practice your ass off

Running a business is a lot like skiing. If you want to excel, you have to practice, practice, practice. I used to telemark ski. A LOT. Eventually, I got pretty good at it. But it took a TON of dedication to get there. I had the distinct privilege of skiing – several times per week … Continued

Confused about which direction to go on the build vs. buy question? We have a ton of experience helping clients walk through the challenges of this conundrum.

Build or Buy? What’s the best route to create the tools you need?

To build or to buy, that is the question. ~ Not Shakespeare We get this question ALL the time. “Should I build an application or system to use for my business, or should I just find something off the shelf that we can make work.” The answer itself is relatively simple. “It depends.” There are … Continued

When to post to LinkedIn

How much is too much? How often to post to LinkedIn

“Could posting to LinkedIn multiple times per day actually hurt performance?” This was the question running through my mind earlier this week when I had a second idea of the day I wanted to share. So I reached out to a LinkedIn expert who, well… was reluctant to answer. Not because they weren’t sure, but … Continued

Typing and telling a story

How to tell your story

I thought my story was a snore. And with an upcoming guest appearance on a podcast looming, I was anxious. The host’s first question is always, “So, what’s your story?” Fortunately, I have a guide, the talented and helpful Townsend Wardlaw to help me figure things out. His first piece of wisdom: This is friggin’ … Continued

Baseball player getting a hit

Steve Jobs’ take on home runs doesn’t jive

  I certainly don’t think that I am as smart as Steve Jobs was. But I do know that I don’t necessarily agree with him when he said this: “Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” First of all, well… a home run can be better than … Continued

Woman walking up stairs

Do more of what’s already working

I’ll admit it. I have a tendency to chase shiny things. New opportunities, exciting developments, that “great idea” that just popped into my head… Having spoken with hundreds of other entrepreneurs and visionaries, I know I’m not alone. But the real rocket fuel for most businesses is staring you right in the face. Do more … Continued

Helping hands and relationship building

Marketing is just relationship-building

One of the things that bring me the most joy is helping people make connections. That’s probably why I ended up in marketing. You see, done well (and from a place of authenticity), marketing is really just a set of activities through which one can foster and build relationships. And who doesn’t want to have … Continued

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