Manage the Numbers

There are always opportunities to look at the numbers or take the temperature of what’s going on and get really down.

Why aren’t things going the other direction? Why don’t more people care about this? Why does this number make me feel so crappy?

I get it. Sometimes things don’t seem to be moving the direction I prefer, either. And in those times, I can get really despondent.

If I let that happen.

I recently recorded a podcast where my wonderful guest lamented that out of 70-90% of ALL Coloradans who profess to recreate outdoors on the regular (4-5.2 MILLION people, mind you), less than 1% have actually participated in some sort of “give back” to that outdoors they claim to love so much.

That’s a pretty poor showing.

Or a REALLY low bar with a big upside!

#volunteer for an outdoor project. Or make one up (like #trashtag). #giveback and flip the narrative on the numbers when they look bleak.

Have a fantastic day.