How to tell your story

Typing and telling a story

I thought my story was a snore. And with an upcoming guest appearance on a podcast looming, I was anxious. The host’s first question is always, “So, what’s your story?”

Fortunately, I have a guide, the talented and helpful Townsend Wardlaw to help me figure things out.

His first piece of wisdom: This is friggin’ hard stuff.

Most of us have a hard time talking about ourselves. Whether it’s because we are humble, suffer from imposter syndrome, or just don’t know how to frame a good story… it can be a real sweat-inducer to talk about oneself.

But rest assured, we all DO have a story and just need some help getting it tidied up for public consumption.

Here are some tricks:

First, turn on your recorder of choice and have a friend listen to your story and take notes.

Then, have them tell your story back to you as they heard it. They’ll relate elements you didn’t think were important but REALLY fuel the fire.

Review the recording several times and use their guidance to record *your* version. Listen, repeat (and re-record), practice – until you have it dialed.

Remember to just hit the high points and keep things moving. Aim for 3 minutes and you’ll be ready to rock it the next time someone asks, “So what’s your story?”

Would you like some practice? Give me a shout.