Get creative with content distribution

There are lots of opportunities to build your content library. And it's time for you to get creative with content distribution. Here's why.

I was riding bikes with a friend recently who has a coaching program.

She’s SUPER talented and has a good (and growing) client and user base and is interested in reaching more people to help them become better bike riders so they can enjoy the sport even more.

She has an event coming up in the next week during which she is going to focus on a single skill many cyclists would like to improve upon. This in-person skills clinic sold out in just a few hours after she opened it up to the public, leaving quite a few interested people on the sidelines.

Feeling bad about all the people missing out on the event, she asked me what I thought she should do.

“Are you going to record this?” I asked.

“It’d be a bit boring, to just watch,” she replied.

“Understood,” I replied, “but I bet there would be some real gems you could pull out of the full recording that you could package and sell or use to build trust.”

There are lots of opportunities to build your content library. Nearly every interaction has the potential to produce some really valuable material for your audience. If you can record these little interactions, the ways in which they can bring value to your customers is virtually limitless.

My friend is sitting on a wealth of opportunity. Not only could she go back to those who signed up too late to attend the event in person and sell them the video of the core teaching moments from the clinic, but she could use that same material as a giveaway to build trust with future client outreach interactions.

Someone just bought a training plan? Send them the skills snippet as a bonus. Someone can’t engage in person? Combine a series of skills videos into a subscription package or stand-alone training series. She could collect these snippets of information over time to build a full suite of coaching content to sell to other coaches in the future.

There are always some fantastic opportunities to leverage content when you can capture it. From phone conversations (taking notes around challenges you are hearing on calls to recording – with permission – to use or reference later) to video opportunities… everyone is looking for ways to improve their lives, learn a new trick, and to “test-drive” your services. Just keep collecting and get creative on how to distribute knowledge.

As Francis Bacon (or maybe it was Schoolhouse Rock) said, “Knowledge is power.”

How could you capture some new content and package it in a way to help your audience? Let us know or get in touch if you want to brainstorm some ideas.