Inbound Marketing 101: The Four Marketing Actions - Close

Inbound Marketing 101: The Four Marketing Actions Part 3 – Closing Sales

As we move down the pathway of inbound marketing actions, we have learned how to attract your target audience and convert them from strangers to leads. Now it’s time to bring those new leads into the fold as a paying client or customer. In this post, we’ll dive into the tools available to help with step three … Continued

Inbound Marketing 101: The Four Marketing Actions - Convert

Inbound Marketing 101: The Four Marketing Actions Part 2 – Convert Traffic to Leads

In our previous installment, Inbound Marketing 101: The Four Marketing Actions Part 1 – Attract Traffic to Your Website, you learned about the tools available to enable your business to get in front of your target audience and drive them to your website. In this post, we’ll explore step two of the process, how to convert traffic … Continued

Inbound Marketing 101: The Four Marketing Actions - Attract

Inbound Marketing 101: The Four Marketing Actions Part 1 – Attract Traffic to Your Website

In our previous post, “Inbound Marketing 101: What is Inbound?” we outlined the basics of inbound marketing and the strategies employed to turn your website into an online lead generating machine. In this post, we’ll dig a bit deeper into understanding the first of four marketing actions that drive your audience to convert from a … Continued

Multi-Channel Integration

Inbound Marketing 101: What is Inbound?

How would you like to transform your business and turn your website into a lead generating machine? Sound far-fetched? Well, it isn’t. Utilizing inbound marketing techniques, you can put your website to work for you and move beyond spray and pray digital marketing. What is Inbound Marketing? Simply put, inbound marketing refers to marketing practices geared … Continued

Presentations Suck

Storytelling Your Way To Your Best Business Presentation

Let’s be frank –most business presentations pretty much suck. They are filled with clichés, fail to deliver any real insights, and are well… boring. The best business presentations are things to behold. They engage, present challenges, deliver solutions, and inspire. The very best presentations may not even use tools such as PowerPoint to get the audience fully jazzed. … Continued

Digital Agency Guide: How to Convert Web Traffic into Leads

Your Guide to Transforming Web Traffic into Leads

Are you responsible for your company’s digital marketing efforts? Maybe you own your own business and, like all busy entrepreneurs or marketing managers, you just can’t find the time to crank out social media posts, blog content, or even consider running an SEO campaign on your own. We like to call this “wearing too many hats” … Continued

The Productivity Conundrum: Staying focused in the storm

Maintaining productivity at work in a world jam-packed with distractions is a challenge. If you follow these steps, you can be sure to keep cranking when surrounded by chaos. Step 1: Stop starting and start finishing (The Cult of Done) Mad Men‘s Don Draper, though horribly flawed, was characterized by his advertising ingenuity. No one … Continued

Local SEO Services: Get the Tools To Drive More Business To Your Doorstep

Local SEO by the numbers Investing in local SEO services for your business can have a huge, positive impact. A 2014 report commissioned by Google (PDF) found that “18% of local smartphone searches led to a purchase within a day compared to 7% of non-local searches.” A survey in 2012 by Search Engine Land found that “16% of consumers said they … Continued

Digital Marketing for your eCommerce Brand

Poor planning could result in being trapped on a broken bridge. Preparing a digital marketing plan for your eCommerce brand can be daunting. You need to create brand recognition AND drive sales, focus on speed to market, and keep ROI in check. It’s enough to make your head spin, though it doesn’t have to be … Continued

Mobile vs. Responsive Design: Strategies to keep your site relevant

There are many reasons to invest in a mobile-friendly website. Mobile search is soon to surpass that of desktops and Google’s new algorithm is going to penalize those whose sites don’t meet their mobile standards. Here’s a quick primer on Mobile vs. Responsive design to get your site performing across all platforms and device-types. What’s … Continued