Chat App Tips: Create Personal Connections with your Fans

Chat Apps

Email newsletters and social media are a digital marketer’s bread and butter, but recently chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have been getting increasingly popular for engaging with customers.

Of the hundreds of messaging apps available, the leader, hands down (at least when this post was written), is WhatsApp with 1.5 billion monthly active users around the world.

Using messenger apps is just another way to add more “touches” to your digital marketing strategy, but one thing that is key to remember when using chat apps to engage with your supporters is the personal nature of the app.

Unlike social media and email (where users expect to see promotions and targeted ads) chat apps like WhatsApp are much more intimate. This is where users go to interact with their friends, so make sure to respect the personal aspect of direct messages if you leverage these systems for your outreach.

Here are a few ways nonprofits and any organization can utilize chat apps to increase engagement and awareness:

  • Use WhatsApp’s “broadcast” feature to send information about a fundraiser, new project, or simply send a donation button that links to your mobile-optimized donation page. Like a BCC, broadcasting allows you to send a message to a large group, but when a supporter receives the message, it comes across as an individual text instead of a mass message.
  • Create Groups based on your supporters’ interests and roles. Use smaller groups to send personalized updates about your programs and impact. These intimate groups will keep your fans feeling engaged and valued without spamming them.
  • If your organization has a Facebook page, make sure you have Facebook Messenger downloaded on your phone so you can quickly respond to messages. If you share anything on Facebook – updates on programming, fundraising appeals, event information – FB Messenger is a great way to quickly answer any questions that your followers may have. Positioning yourself as ready, willing, and able to answer questions in “real time” helps create a real connection with your audience.

How has your organization leveraged chat apps to spread the word? Let us know by dropping us a line.