You Don’t Need a Website. You Need a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy (And a Website)

“We need a website.” Every day, countless managers and executives utter that thought in one way or another, to themselves or in board rooms when discussing marketing strategy. And the statement is true. In today’s digital age, your target audience spends a large amount of their time online, both for personal pleasure and researching services … Continued

Ways to lower your website bounce rate

Examining Your Website’s Bounce Rate, and 4 Ways to Lower it

  When you analyze or read about digital marketing, you will inevitably come across the topic of website ‘bounce rate’ at some point. In many ways, it’s the bogeyman of marketing metrics: whereas KPIs like traffic and conversion rate generally measure the positive impact of your marketing efforts, bounce rate is undoubtedly negative. The higher … Continued

Increase Your Conversion Rate (Beyond Crafting Great Messaging)

One thing that can be tremendously frustrating when it comes to online marketing (e.g. inbound marketing) is the fact that no matter how many hits you get, no matter how much you get the word out about your fantastic product, if you have a bad conversion rate none of it will mean anything. This means … Continued

3 Reasons Your Website Does Not Convert, and What You Can Do About It

We’ve all had the problem. You’ve built up a functioning digital marketing strategy that drives plenty of traffic to your website, but that’s where the success of your marketing ends. Your visitors don’t turn into your leads at the rate you want or need, which means that your marketing efforts matter little in the long run. … Continued

Inbound Marketing Tips and Tricks to Build a Loyal Marketing Base

Online marketing continues to get more and more competitive.  No longer do salesman have to flip through the phone book and make cold calls to random clients.  Now marketing is exponentially more focused and sophisticated.  Still the old outbound marketing techniques of mass email and banner ads are failing.  New techniques of inbound marketing are now … Continued

9 Invaluable Website Tools to Help You Drive Conversions

Getting potential customers in and through your sales funnel is crucial to succeed in today’s business environment. Lead generation tactics allow you to capture the information of interested members within your targeted audience, while nurturing techniques guides those leads through the sales funnel and nudges them toward becoming customers. To inexperienced marketers, both of those … Continued

7 Ways to Tell When a “Marketing Solution” is a Scam

Increasingly, businesses of all sizes are beginning to understand the need for effective marketing. But unfortunately, that recognition of need does not always come with an in-depth understanding of the industry, and some services are taking advantage of that gap. If someone is trying to sell you their marketing solution, you need to make sure … Continued

Storytelling to Lure the Customer In

The purpose of inbound marketing is to create magnetism around your brand. Generally, companies trying to do this spread various kinds of content and advertisements across different mediums. However, while you want your branding to stay consistent across all these mediums, the execution has to be organic to the respective format the content or ad … Continued

Match Your Inbound Marketing Content to Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

The goal of 85 percent of content marketing campaigns is to generate leads, but your content assets aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your prospective leads travel through multiple stages during their buyer’s journey, and in some cases they have completed 70 percent of that journey before they interact with you directly. Read on for how to optimize your … Continued

Business Opportunity Leads

Business Opportunity Leads – How to Get Your Pipeline Running

Does this sound familiar? You need a full sales pipeline, but traditional marketing methods are leaving you scrambling from lead to lead. Well help is on the way! Inbound marketing generates business opportunity leads by creating interest and bringing potential customers to your website instead of using costly outbound advertising tactics. Inbound marketing turns visitors … Continued

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