5 Simple Changes to Increase Website Conversions Overnight

simple steps to increase conversion

The fact is that most business websites are ineffective. And it’s difficult to find where the faults are. Business owners are good at what they do and can’t be expected to have inside knowledge of design and copywriting in the way that would be required to make a website effective and turn leads and prospects into customers. Add to that the fact that many businesses are still using websites that were designed a decade or more ago, before the knowledge regarding conversion rate optimization was really being taken to heart by design companies, and you have a recipe for an inefficient website. However, there are a few basic steps that any business can take to improve their website and grow their sales organically overnight, just by making a few small changes on the homepage.

1. Change Features to Benefits

Telling your audience about the features of your product is nice, but it doesn’t always make it clear how it will help them achieve their goals. Think about your features and the actual real-world benefits that those features provide to your customers. Then, re-word your features to focus on those benefits. Your visitors want to know how your products or services will help them to achieve their goals and do not necessarily want to have your product features spelled out in great detail to them. Beyond describing the benefits of your product, storytelling to lure in customers is another tactic that helps bring a personal touch to your message.

2. Pictures and a Personal Touch

Customers love to know who they are working with when they make a purchase. Find ways to inject your brand personality and employees into your website. It can be something as simple as having a picture and information of your CEO on your website, but try to create a personal connection wherever you can in order to increase website conversions.

3. Add Testimonials and Social Proof

When a customer buys your product, they want to know that they are not wasting their money, and you should want to prove to them that they are not. They’ve worked hard for their money and you want to deliver a superior product. Add testimonials and social proof wherever possible to ensure that you are able to provide a clear picture of how your current and previous customers have felt about their purchase. Prove to your prospects that their purchase isn’t a waste of time. The more testimonials, the better in most circumstances.

4. Improve Spacing

In recent years the trend in web design has been toward websites with excess spacing. This is because websites without clutter, and well-spaced out elements are easier to read and digest. Although in previous years a lot of focus has been placed on what is “above the fold” (visible when the website is loaded), but this can lead to increased clutter. Instead, space out the different sections and elements of your website to improve readability and provide a cleaner, more consistent experience for your visitors.

5. Big, Clear Call to Actions

Every page on your website should have a singular focus. Your website should guide your users toward taking the appropriate action on each page. That action might be buying your product, filling out your form to schedule a consultation, or sign up for your mailing list. Whatever you would like the user to do, make sure it is clear and easily understandable at the bottom of the page. Write for your users as if they were 5th graders and needed guidance throughout the entire process.

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