RTNP 51 | Diversity And Inclusion

Episode 51: Tackling Diversity and Inclusion In Your Nonprofit with Mitsu Iwasaki from The American Alpine Club

  On this week’s episode we talk to Mitsu Iwasaki, the Executive Director of the American Alpine Club. This organization spent more than 100 years promoting and celebrating mountain climbing and alpine adventure communities and their achievements. Mitsu and I share a passion for the outdoors—for climbing, skilling, and the thrill of reaching any pinnacle. So as … Continued

Episode 48: How to Run Your Organization Like a For-Profit with Sherry Manning from Global Seed Savers

  Profits or revenue… What’s your organization’s focus? If you can’t answer that question, perhaps you’ll enjoy this week’s episode of Relish This. I had a great, all-encompassing conversation with Sherry Manning, the US Executive Director of Global Seed Savers. They are a really cool organization that helps farmers stockpile and diversify their seed stock … Continued

RTNP 43 | Mailing List

Episode 43: Leverage Your Most Powerful Asset, Your Mailing List, With Sarah Murray From Women’s Wilderness

  Your email list is a powerful asset. But if you’re like many organizations, you’re not making the most of it. After all—what’s better than an engaged audience, all of whom have raised their hands to be part of your program? Today’s guest is Sarah Murray, Executive Director of Women’s Wilderness. WW is an amazing … Continued

RTNP 31 | Paradox Sports

Episode 31: Want To Share Your Mission? Just Ask Your Stakeholders With Dave Elmore From Paradox Sports

  Are you missing opportunities to build relationships with your stakeholders? On today’s episode, I spoke with Dave Elmore, the Executive Director of Paradox Sports. Paradox exists to increase climbing access for those with disabilities, expanding access to adaptive climbing programs and national climbing trips nationwide. Paradox already does a great job with relationship-building and … Continued

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