Restaurant Branding - The Fish Project

Restaurant Branding: Get Your Kitchen Cooking

Follow this advice to make sure your restaurant brand attracts your target audience and stands out in your marketplace. Planning your restaurant branding project: Whether you are launching a new restaurant brand or are seeking to freshen up your current look, engaging an agency that understands branding services is an important first step in getting … Continued

Digital Agency Guide: How to Convert Web Traffic into Leads

Your Guide to Transforming Web Traffic into Leads

Are you responsible for your company’s digital marketing efforts? Maybe you own your own business and, like all busy entrepreneurs or marketing managers, you just can’t find the time to crank out social media posts, blog content, or even consider running an SEO campaign on your own. We like to call this “wearing too many hats” … Continued

The Productivity Conundrum: Staying focused in the storm

Maintaining productivity at work in a world jam-packed with distractions is a challenge. If you follow these steps, you can be sure to keep cranking when surrounded by chaos. Step 1: Stop starting and start finishing (The Cult of Done) Mad Men‘s Don Draper, though horribly flawed, was characterized by his advertising ingenuity. No one … Continued

The Golden Rules of SEO Marketing

Keeping up on the latest Google Algorithm changes sometimes seems like a full-time job. Like most business owners, just running the day-to-day operations of your business is challenging. Google is continuously updating its algorithm to deliver the highest quality content to its customer. What does this mean for your business? We’ll start by showing you a … Continued

Too many hats

Too Many Hats: Delegate and Elevate Your Way to A More Sane Business World

My wife says I own entirely too many hats. And she is right. I have a problem. Unfortunately, this problem spills over into my business life as well, where as an agency owner and entrepreneur, I tend to take on way more responsibilities in way too many areas of our business than is healthy. For me … Continued

Digital Marketing for your eCommerce Brand

Poor planning could result in being trapped on a broken bridge. Preparing a digital marketing plan for your eCommerce brand can be daunting. You need to create brand recognition AND drive sales, focus on speed to market, and keep ROI in check. It’s enough to make your head spin, though it doesn’t have to be … Continued

4 Ways Strike Up a Conversation using Twitter for Business

Are your tweets going unnoticed to your followers? You’re not alone. As a business owner crunched for time, running a successful social media campaign can be a challenge. Twitter’s value comes not merely in the number of followers you have, but by how engaged your followers are with your handle. Here are a few ideas … Continued

Mobile vs. Responsive Design: Strategies to keep your site relevant

There are many reasons to invest in a mobile-friendly website. Mobile search is soon to surpass that of desktops and Google’s new algorithm is going to penalize those whose sites don’t meet their mobile standards. Here’s a quick primer on Mobile vs. Responsive design to get your site performing across all platforms and device-types. What’s … Continued

Google’s Upcoming Mobile Site Update: What you need to know

Google recently announced that it will soon make big changes to its algorithm that elevates “mobile-friendliness” as a requirement for sites to perform well in its search rankings. What does this mean for business owners and webmasters? As part of the announcement, Google stated that starting April 21st, 2015, Google will not only start labeling … Continued

SEO Tips for Business Owners

SEO Strategy: Top SEO Myths Debunked Have you ever wondered what your company needs to do to dominate search rankings in your industry? In the increasingly competitive space of online marketing, one thing you can count on in regard to Search Engine Optimization is that the landscape is always in flux. In order to keep … Continued