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Data Visualization in Mapping

At Relish, we love data visualization. I also have a personal affinity for linguistics and cultural differences between seeemingly similar population groups. (Probably my inner Sociology major showing through.) That’s why we spent quite a bit of time reviewing these interesting maps of the United States and how different ways of speaking are represented across … Continued

Aspect Ratio History in Film

An acquaintance once quipped, “Letterboxing is bogus. They just cut off the top and bottom of the screen so you can see less.” Clearly, this interpretation of the modern screen dimension process is incorrect. But how did we get to the wide-aspect of cinema today? Turns out the history behind how we evolved from the … Continued

Relish Studio and RJM Consulting Group Announce Merger

DENVER, April 1, 2013 – Relish Studio, a Denver-area digital strategy agency focusing on internet-based marketing solutions, design, and development, today announced the merger with RJM Consulting group. The combined business will retain the name, “Relish Studio,” and will provide digital strategy, branding, design, motion graphics, mobile integration, development, and Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing … Continued

Responsive Design/Mobile First

One of the things we love most about working in the digital space is how much the landscape evolves. It keeps us on our toes here at Relish Studio and one of the main areas of interest of late has been responsive design and how to retro-fit sites not originally crafted to take advantage of … Continued

The Power of “The Good Idea”

Social media is taking the power away from money and giving it to “the good ideas” and those who posses them. In the past, the only way to bring attention to your brand was to spend a shit-ton of money developing marketing and brand campaigns and then paying even more for ad-space and media-buys to … Continued

Slight change of heart – iPad

Though I still feel that the name, “iPad” is truly awful, after meeting up with an old friend and colleague yesterday, my overall thoughts on this product have changed a bit. See, Scott is a media guy and one who, when we first met, really didn’t like Apple products at all (Interesting combination, I know.). … Continued

Media in the 21st Century

This TED video by Clay Shirky really stands on its own. It is a great analysis of media, how it has changed over time and how content providers of every type need to fully understand how the new, social web changes the game. How has your discussion changed in the era of social media? [ted … Continued

HTML5 – Trickling in

HTML5 is on the way. For most people on the planet, this statement elicits a blank stare and perhaps a simple, “What’s a ‘hutml‘?” response. For those of us in the business of bringing kickass websites to life, however, it brings a mixture of hope and nervous tension. HTML5 certainly won’t solve the myriad of … Continued

Conversion testing with Google Website Optimizer

Anyone with a website knows the importance of “conversion”, whether it be converting a user from the home page to an internal page to track retention (or lack thereof), or an eCommerce website that wants to track clicks from a product page to the check-out page. And there’s many tools out there to track user … Continued

Design in all its forms

We love to see innovation and design in all its forms. Particularly when designers appeal to a breadth of considerations above and beyond pure aesthetics. Good design takes into account single pain points, desires or needs. Great designs eclipse any single category and work on multiple levels. Take, for example, the square Coke bottle designed … Continued

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