How SEO Can Help Your SaaS Business Succeed and Become an Authority

How SEO can help your business

SEO is essential for getting your business found online. Even if you have an online SaaS business and you show up #1 in searches for your company name, you still need to advertise so people know you exist. Number one for Acme Data Analysis is a great first step (i.e. just having a website), but that shouldn’t be your only strategy. Likewise, posting content on your website that is not search engine optimized is a waste of resources. If you’re new to search engine optimization and don’t fully understand its importance yet, here are they key points on how SEO can help your SaaS business:

1. Land on the First Page of Google

Only a very small portion of searchers ever look at search results on the second page, making the first page of Google extremely important. As you can guess, the top positions on the first page of Google are the best possible spots. It is the search results that users see first; they are more likely to click that one to get the information they need and then move on. SEO increases your chances of landing on that highly coveted page. And remember, you don’t have to be ranking on the first page for everything related to your SaaS product; ranking for the right search phrases your target audience uses is the most important goal.

2. Influence Buyer Decisions

Decisions on which product to buy are influenced by websites, forums, and social media sites. Many people research online before making a purchase. They want to read reviews, gather more information about the product, and compare products – all of which are easy to do with the Internet. When customers search for information related to your services, great search engine rankings come a long way to influencing a buyer’s decisions. Even if they don’t initially click your link in the search results, they may quickly bounce from the first link and yours will be right there. On a side note, the remarketing is based on having your presence be seen in multiple places, even if an initial interaction was never made.

3. Consumers Begin Product Research with a Search Engine

Most people start with a search engine when performing product research. An executive, whether at home over the weekend or in the office, looking for a SaaS solution for her company probably starts with a browser and a search page. Landing on the first page of Google will help you make a good first impression on this potential customer. If you never show up during a customer’s research phase, then it’s unlikely they’ll know you exist.

4. Drive Free Traffic to Your Business’ Website

In a roundabout way, search engine optimization is a free way to drive traffic to your website. Yes, there is an investment and it does take time to see results. You need to invest in quality content, have it optimized, publish consistently, do your best to get it out there (i.e. content marketing), and then wait while search engines pick it up. However, showing up in the search results never costs a penny. Only the advertisements in search engines are paid for, which is referred to as PPC (pay-per-click).

5. Stay on Top of the Search Engines (and Competitors)

As explained above, landing on the first page of Google is important for receiving search traffic to your website. Search engine optimization helps you stay on top in the search engines because their rules and algorithms consistently evolve. If you ignore SEO because you have enough traffic coming in, you could lose a good chunk of that traffic if Google rolls out an algorithm change that you weren’t aware of. Along with that, you also need to monitor how your competitors are doing. If a startup comes along in the same B2B SaaS space as you, for example, using tools like SEMRush can help you study the search phrases they’re ranking for and then use that information to your advantage.

6. Builds Business Credibility

Which website do you think is more credible? Business A that shows up once in 10 related searches or Business B that shows up five times in 10 related searches? Business B would be perceived as more credible to an Internet user doing research on a topic (it’s like a free remarketing strategy). If a particular website lands on the first page of Google many times, then it seems more of an authority site. Moreover, the user becomes accustomed to seeing your website name in the SERPs (search engine results pages).


Over the past decade, Internet use and reliance has skyrocketed, especially since we all carry a web browser in our pockets. It’s simply more convenient for people to research products from their mobile phones or laptops. It doesn’t involve digging out the yellow pages or driving around the city in search for the best deal. Because of high competition, having a website is not enough. You need to use search engine optimization to receive traffic from search engines and establish your business as an authority.

Now that you know how SEO can help your business succeed and become an authority, contact us to assist you with writing an effective SEO plan for your business.