Storytelling to Lure the Customer In

The purpose of inbound marketing is to create magnetism around your brand. Generally, companies trying to do this spread various kinds of content and advertisements across different mediums. However, while you want your branding to stay consistent across all these mediums, the execution has to be organic to the respective format the content or ad … Continued

Match Your Inbound Marketing Content to Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

The goal of 85 percent of content marketing campaigns is to generate leads, but your content assets aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your prospective leads travel through multiple stages during their buyer’s journey, and in some cases they have completed 70 percent of that journey before they interact with you directly. Read on for how to optimize your … Continued

From Attracting to Converting: How to Convert Leads Into Customers

You’re already an inbound marketing believer, and you understand today’s consumers look for brands they can connect with and trust, since they’re discerning about the content they consume online and leery of unsolicited advertising. You know inbound marketing is the best way to establish your brand as an industry leader, expand your market share, and … Continued

How Content Marketing Can Increase Traffic on Mobile Devices

Google search rankings now have an increased focus on useful content. In addition, a majority of Internet use now takes place on mobile devices. By providing your audience with great content optimized for viewing on every platform (mobile and desktop), you can better your search engine placement, convert more prospects into customers and grow your … Continued

Business Opportunity Leads

Business Opportunity Leads – How to Get Your Pipeline Running

Does this sound familiar? You need a full sales pipeline, but traditional marketing methods are leaving you scrambling from lead to lead. Well help is on the way! Inbound marketing generates business opportunity leads by creating interest and bringing potential customers to your website instead of using costly outbound advertising tactics. Inbound marketing turns visitors … Continued

The Importance (and Challenges) of Content Marketing

It’s no secret that in order for businesses to succeed today, they must have an effective online presence. More than 40 percent of the world’s population now has an Internet connection, and there are more than 3 billion Internet users on the planet. One way business decision-makers and marketers can take advantage of the potential … Continued

Don’t Forget the People: Persona Development Helps Target Your Business Outreach

Let’s face it, many businesses get by just winging it when it comes to business strategy. If you really want your business to take off, it’s probably worth investing some time and effort working on your business. With limited time and resources, however, where should you start to really recognize the most bang for your … Continued

Five Ways to Use Social Listening to Fuel Your Social Media Strategy

Social media enables millions of conversations every day, with Internet Live Stats reporting 500 million tweets every day. As part of any social media strategy, you need to know what your audience is saying and thinking, but conversations about your company aren’t necessarily aimed directly at you. Social listening tools scan these conversations so you … Continued

Get the top trends for social media marketing

Social Media Marketing in 2016: Trends to Watch For

The beginning of social media marketing is regarded as 2004, the year Facebook was founded. Since then, social media marketing has vastly changed. Today, 96 percent of marketers are using social media to promote companies and it’s clear that social media will keep growing through 2016. Here are the top five predicted social media trends … Continued

Inbound Marketing Mastery

4 Principles to Master B2B Inbound Marketing Content

Inbound marketing has risen to the forefront as the core component of any successful digital marketing or communications campaign. As the storytelling mechanism for various businesses, inbound marketing offers a wide variety of opportunities for organizations to enhance their brand image and share interesting content about themselves to consumers and stakeholders. One of the most popular recipes … Continued