RTNP 41 | Common Connections

Episode 41: Finding Common Connections To Build Stronger Relationships With Tim Kugler from Gunnison Valley Trails Association

  Fabulous episode today with Tim Kugler, the Executive Director of Gunnison Valley Trails Association. This show made me think about relationships and how quickly they develop when you look for common ground. You see, Tim and I have quite a bit of overlap. I grew up in Gunnison, where Tim’s organization is based, and … Continued

RTNP 32 Peter | Suffer Better

Episode 32: Creating Opportunities To Always Give A Little More With Peter Downing From Suffer Better

  Is there a way that you can give a little extra today? My guest on today’s episode is Peter Downing, the Founder of Suffer Better. Suffer Better inspires athletes to give their all (plus a bit more through charitable contributions and volunteer time). On the call we discussed a simple idea that can pay … Continued

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