RTNP 54 | Running A Sweepstake

Episode 54: Running A Sweepstake To Engage Donors With Annie Tukman From TapKat

Have you ever thought about generating donations by hosting a sweepstake? (Yes, “sweepstakes” means more than one. ��� This week we are talking to Annie Tukman, the Sales Director at TapKat, a platform that runs online sweepstakes for nonprofit organizations. Sweepstakes are great for an organization because they help gamify the donation process. This can … Continued

Episode 49: How to Live Your Best Life with David Shurna From No Barriers

  Here’s a question that most of us don’t take time to ask: Are you living your best life? On this week’s episode, I talked with David Shurna, one of the Co-Founders of No Barriers, a nonprofit organization that helps people of all types do exactly that — live their best lives. They have an … Continued

RTNP 44 | Marketing And Communication

Episode 44: Creating a compelling story through marketing and communication with Mark Eller from Leave No Trace

  Here at Relish we try hard to adopt sustainable practices, recycle, and reuse as best we can. Generally speaking, we do our best to minimize the impact we have on the planet. I bring it up because I had a fun conversation today with Mark Eller, the Memberships, Major Gifts, and Foundations Director at … Continued

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