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Google’s Upcoming Mobile Site Update: What you need to know

Google’s Upcoming Mobile Site Update: What you need to know

Google recently announced that it will soon make big changes to its algorithm that elevates “mobile-friendliness” as a requirement for sites to perform well in its search rankings. What does this mean for business owners and webmasters? As part of the announcement, Google stated that starting April 21st, 2015, Google will not only start labeling […]

SEO Tips for Business Owners

SEO Strategy: Top SEO Myths Debunked   Have you ever wondered what your company needs to do to dominate search rankings in your industry? In the increasingly competitive space of online marketing, one thing you can count on in regard to Search Engine Optimization is that the landscape is always in flux. In order to […]

The Professional Website: Tips for Success

4 Tips on Creating a Polished and Professional Website Do you want to capture new customers and, more importantly, keep them on your website? Having a professional and up-to-date website is critical for generating revenue and building your customer base. Adopt these 4 simple tips to ensure digital success: 1. Update Your Look. In today’s […]

Kids’ Website Points, Coupons, and Prizes Development

Kids' Website Points, Coupons, and Prizes Development

For the second year in a row, 5th Gear Kids worked with Relish Studio to develop the program’s website, one geared toward 5th-grade students in the Cherry Creek and Aurora, Colorado school districts. As a program for students, “5th Gear Kids was designed to provide greater access to physical activity and healthy eating opportunities, and […]

Content Goes Here

You’ve spent the last several months creating the world’s most fantastic website. Great design, sophisticated code, cutting-edge css, and a fancy content management system – your new website is a platform ready to offer up the most exciting and insightful bits of information known to man. Congratulations! Except… As every one of our clients has […]

data visualization in mapping

At Relish, we love data visualization. I also have a personal affinity for linguistics and cultural differences between seeemingly similar population groups. (Probably my inner Sociology major showing through.) That’s why we spent quite a bit of time reviewing these interesting maps of the United States and how different ways of speaking are represented across […]

Aspect Ratio History in Film

An acquaintance once quipped, “Letterboxing is bogus. They just cut off the top and bottom of the screen so you can see less.” Clearly, this interpretation of the modern screen dimension process is incorrect. But how did we get to the wide-aspect of cinema today? Turns out the history behind how we evolved from the original 4:3 aspect ratio to more recent platforms is incredibly interesting. Even more so considering that at one point in time, the “chop the top and bottom” theory was actually put into practice!

Here is a great video for any cinephile interested in learning more about the history of film aspect ratio evolution:

The Changing Shape of Cinema: The History of Aspect Ratio from

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Relish Studio and RJM Consulting Group Announce Merger

DENVER, April 1, 2013 – Relish Studio, a Denver-area digital strategy agency focusing on internet-based marketing solutions, design, and development, today announced the merger with RJM Consulting group. The combined business will retain the name, “Relish Studio,” and will provide digital strategy, branding, design, motion graphics, mobile integration, development, and Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing […]

Responsive Design/Mobile First

One of the things we love most about working in the digital space is how much the landscape evolves. It keeps us on our toes here at Relish Studio and one of the main areas of interest of late has been responsive design and how to retro-fit sites not originally crafted to take advantage of […]

The Power of “The Good Idea”

Social media is taking the power away from money and giving it to “the good ideas” and those who posses them. In the past, the only way to bring attention to your brand was to spend a shit-ton of money developing marketing and brand campaigns and then paying even more for ad-space and media-buys to […]