Ask a Web Developer: Do I Need a Content Management System?


When speaking with potential clients looking for website design and web development, I often get the question, “Do I really need a content management system?” And 99% of the time, the answer is “Yes. Yes you do.” Before I break down the benefits of a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, let’s establish a definition.

Storytelling Your Way To Your Best Business Presentation

Presentations Suck

Let’s be frank –most business presentations pretty much suck. They are filled with clichés, fail to deliver any real insights, and are well… boring. The best business presentations are things to behold. They engage, present challenges, deliver solutions, and inspire. The very best presentations may not even use tools such as PowerPoint to get the audience fully jazzed. […]

Mobile Websites: Difference Between Friendly and Responsive

Mobile Friendly

At the time of this post, it’s August 2015. By now, the chance that your website’s mobile traffic is zero is zero. At least someone is viewing your website on a smartphone. Even if mobile traffic accounts for only 1% of your total website traffic, part of that 1% could be a busy executive with a […]

Restaurant Branding: Get Your Kitchen Cooking

Restaurant Branding - The Fish Project

Follow this advice to make sure your restaurant brand attracts your target audience and stands out in your marketplace. Planning your restaurant branding project: Whether you are launching a new restaurant brand or are seeking to freshen up your current look, engaging an agency that understands branding services is an important first step in getting […]

Your Digital Agency’s Guide to Transforming Web Traffic into Leads

Digital Agency Guide: How to Convert Web Traffic into Leads

Are you responsible for your company’s digital marketing efforts? Maybe you own your own business and, like all busy entrepreneurs or marketing managers, you just can’t find the time to crank out social media posts, blog content, or even consider running an SEO campaign on your own. We like to call this “wearing too many hats” […]

SMART Goals for Web Development

SMART Goals - Be smart

I think some of the best learning comes from failure. There’s way too many posts about success that gloss over all the luck involved in how success happened. Study failure and you’ll at least learn the anti-patterns to success. Take, for example, the SMART criteria for project management. If you haven’t heard the acronym SMART before, it […]

Working with a digital agency: Get the best project estimate

Helpful tips on how to help digital agencies help YOU get the best project estimate. So you’re out shopping for a digital agency to help with your website design and development project and you’re getting estimates that are all over the board. Maybe it’s for a new website and you need the full package: branding, website design […]

The Productivity Conundrum: Staying focused in the storm


Maintaining productivity at work in a world jam-packed with distractions is a challenge. If you follow these 3 steps, you can be sure to keep cranking when surrounded by chaos. Step 1: Stop starting and start finishing (The Cult of Done) Mad Men‘s Don Draper, though horribly flawed, was characterized by his advertising ingenuity. No […]

Top Development Skills to Look For in a Creative Agency

Chances are if you’re looking for something creative to be done online, it should not only have to look awesome, it should also function. When you’re evaluating creative agencies in Denver, don’t focus all your attention on which one has the most beautiful Photoshop and Illustrator designs. Rather, make note of which creative agencies have […]

Local SEO Services: Get the Tools To Drive More Business To Your Doorstep

Local SEO by the numbers Investing in local SEO services for your business can have a huge, positive impact. A 2014 report commissioned by Google (PDF) found that “18% of local smartphone searches led to a purchase within a day compared to 7% of non-local searches.” A survey in 2012 by Search Engine Land found that “16% of consumers said they […]