Harvester game design

Pepper’s Ghost

Relish created a set of 5 games for Pepper’s Ghost Productions in London. These games integrate into their “Tiny Planets” universe – a place where kids can communicate and play fun games that make them think. (Take that Mario Cart!) The Harvester goes to 5 different planets to gather seeds of rare microscopic plants and … Continued

Dredd Game design

Dredd Speed

This is the latest version in the Dredd franchise developed for Boy’s Life. This takes the first version of the game to a whole new level. Players can create a customized Dredd Speed character and save all their custom settings and game progress. Game strategy has become essential to win. Spend your money wisely or … Continued

Case Logic design

Case Logic

This motion graphics project was designed to kick off Case Logic’s yearly dealer meeting. We worked with our friends at Darwin, Inc. to provide a complete solution for the client.

Alticor website design


This animation was created to show the potential benefits of a mysterious new technology dreamed up by the smart folks at Alticor. This is a good example of a stylized look that honors the concept as the main focus instead of the animation itself.